Jean-Marie Pfaff

Jean-Marie Pfaff was born in Lebbeke, Belgium on Dec. 4, 1953. As a professional goalkeeper of Belgium, he represented Belgium football shirt for 64 times, also a member who has participated in the 1982 FIFA World Cup and 1986 FIFA World Cup.

After retirement of legendary goalkeeper – Die Katze von Anzing, FC Bayern München was always finding a successor to advance its strength. Although with strong support of some competent footballers, FC Bayern München could cope with domestic fierce competitions narrowly while it was defeated at European major competitions. Under this condition, a distinguished goalkeeper was a badly needed at that time. After three-year retirement of Die Katze von Anzing, Bayern found an excellent goalkeeper –Jean-Marie Pfaff.

On the basis of strong body, agility, speed and precise determination, he could always solving threatens from rivals at the very beginning. Pfaff was list into the top 125 greatest living footballers by Pelé in 2004. After took off Belgium football kit, he claims a place in the Royal Belgium Football Association until now.

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