Paulo Roberto Falcão

Falcão was born in Abelardo Luz, Brazil on Oct. 16, 1953. As a professional football player of Brazil, he was known for elegant style, creativity and personal ability. Played as a midfielder, he was widely regarded as one of the greatest footballer of his generation, making great contributions to his team.

Affected by his father – a professional footballer having capped for the Colombia national football team seven times, Falcão showed interests in football despite rejection from his farther. He transferred to a football academies for better learning of football. At the age of 15, he was brought to the River Plate, practicing and preparing for major games.

Played as a professional midfielder of the national football team, Falcão represented Brazil at numerous football competitions. After took off Brazil football shirt, he became the coach of Brazil national football team from 1990 to 1991. In 2004, he was list into the 125 Greatest Living Footballers by Pelé for great contributions and great success in football field.

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